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Bounce Houses

Size of Bounce Houses are 15x15x15

Rental Price
        Full Size Bounce       Sport Bounce #1        Sport Bounce #2         Hot Balloon Bounce

                     Pink and Purple Bounce     House Princess Bounce    Jungle Bounce
                                              Pirate Hexagon             Princess Hexagon

Bounce House Combos

Wet or Dry

Rental Price

$200 for the Day


                       Palm Tree Combo                  Princess Combo                 Dolphin Water Combo


5 and 1 Combo

All Day $250

Bounce House Combos

Rental Price

$200 for the Day

                                          Dolphins Combo                   Double Slide Combo

Bounce House Combos

Rental Price

$250 for the Day


                   Prince Castle With Slide       Castle Bounce House                Pirate Combo


                                        Large Crayon Combo                   Slide and Jumper

                                                                                        ( Cost $300 for the day)

Water Inflatables


Single Slipping Slide               Double Lane Slipping Slide              Under the Sea

                         $200 All Day                                $250 All Day                           $250 All Day

                          Splash Water Slide                20' Water Slide                    Double Bay Water Slide
                              (15 Ft high)                        (20 Ft High)                                     $350
                                   $200                                  $300


            24 Dual Waterslide          Wild Rapid 25 Feet

                         $400                                    $400

Obstacle Course

Rental Price
$450 All Day

Extreme Rush Obstacle Course

78 Feet Long 19 Feet Wide 19 Feet High

Rental Price
$400 All Day

3Piece Obstacle Course ( Wet or Dry)

60 Feet Long 15 Feet Wide 16 Feet High

Rental Price
$300 All Day

Huge Obstacle Course

Size: 40x12x15

Rental Price
$200 All Day

Original Obstacle Course

Size: 34x10x13

Interactive Bounce Houses

Sticky Wall

$150 All Day

Bungee Run

$150 All Day

Rock Wall (27 Feet High)

$500 All Day